Darth Vato
Dark Side For Life
I grew up in LA in Norwalk a very mexican and chicano neighborhood.  Cholo's with their khaki's, wife beater shirts, bandanas and lowrider cars was the norm.  They were my neighbors.  It was a normal part of life.  Now its been over 20 years since I've been back to LA.  I moved around a lot as a kid never spending more than 2 years in one place.  LA was the longest I stayed in one place about 10 years albeit in 2 different neighborhoods.  So the imagery of that culture really stuck with me, even after all these years.  Add to that my geekness as a kid playing D&D, living and breathing Star Wars (I had lots of the kenner brand figures as well as some of the 12 inch figures that were made, the playlets like the Dagoba system set with Yoda), posters, comics, puzzles, models you name it.  Even now I have my share of Stars Wars crap that a grown man should care to admit to.  So a combination of these 2 influences seemed natural and visually interesting.  
Their is going to be a Star Wars vs Star Trek exhibit in October that I will be participating in and this piece is what's going to shown.  I plan on doing a gel transfer of this image on to a wood panel.  I will take progress shots and post those as a separate project.
first image is the sketch I did that the final art is based on.
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